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Post-Game Thread: Juventus Make Udinese Pay For Running Into Little People

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The discussion won't be about how Juventus beat Udinese 4-1. No, no, no. Who would want to do that? That just makes no sense. Why discuss the game when you can mention DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!

The talk after the game — hell, even while the first half was still going on — was about the decision to send off Udinese goalkeeper Zejiko Brkic for absolutely destroying Sebastian Giovinco as he attempted to catch a 50-50 ball at the top of the box. I mean, it's Italy. Who doesn't love them some controversy in Italy? Exactly my point.

But without a doubt, the sending off of Brkic changed this game. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Udinese were looking fairly good when there were 11 men on the field to open thing sup. After Brkic was shown the red card? Completely different. Udinese went from positive play to doing absolutely nothing.

So, you have your controversy. Go ahead and discuss. I won't stop you.

Man of the Match: The lil' fella. Giovinco easily had one of the best games he's had in a Juventus jersey — past or present. Yes, the two goals obviously help his cause, but he has been contributing in all aspects lately. And today he got his goal(s). With Seba starting to really hit his stride with Europe and the Champions League a few weeks away, that's nothing but good news. Now if only we could get Mirko Vucinic to play like he's actually interested in things for more than a couple minutes at a time...

Also of note: Juventus are undefeated in the last 41 Serie A games, including victories in 12 of the last 13. That's good. I would like it if Juve kept that trend going.