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Monday Link Dump

The international break is slow. And that's not just for you the readers. The international break is tough for us writers as well. I, for one, am not going to follow the line of Tuttosport and discuss the same old transfer rumors that we've heard for the past five months just because there's nothing else to talk about.

Alas, the internet is not a total dead zone right now.

To tide over the boredom before we begin one of the busiest times of the schedule, I present you with a few things to read and discuss in the comment section.

Football Italia: Don't crush the Ant!

Giancarlo Rinaldi discusses our resident lil fella, Sebastian Giovinco. Super Seba got quite a bit of criticism after his lackluster performance as Italy's No. 10 against Bulgaria. However, as Rinaldi states, maybe it's a little harsh to put so much of the blame on Gio.

Forza Italian Football: Thoughts on Juventus' search for a top striker

I know, I know. I said transfer stories are basically taking over during the international break. But this doesn't run wild and say that Juve are going to be drop €50 million on Falcao or anything like that. (Falcao in bianconero would be pretty damn awesome, though.)

ESPNFC: Can Juventus' talented front line score enough?

With ESPN SoccerNet's transition to a new look and name, they've brought aboard a new Juventus blogger. Mina Rzouki takes a look at what the current group of strikers Juve has at its disposal can get the job done.

Football Italia: Ciro Immobile wants to mirror Sebastian Giovinco's path

Without even reading the headline, my response was "GOOD!" Immobile will be looking to beat Juventus this weekend, but he certainly knows what he wants to do in the future. And if he has the same kind of season this year Giovinco did last season at Parma, then things will be looking pretty good.