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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Paul Pogba (Finally) Signs For Juventus

Bongarts/Getty Images

To be completely honest with you, it seems like the Paul Pogba-to-Juventus rumors have been around longer than this blog (SBN incarnation, of course). He's signed for Juventus about 1,000 different times if you were to believe the Italian press. And if you did, well, you've been duped about 999.

Wait, that math doesn't add up. Do I need to bust out my calculator?

Nope. Why? It's because there's a reason — this time it's true.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, after what seemed like 15 years of waiting (maybe a slight exaggeration), 19-year-old French international midfielder Paul Pogba has put pen to paper on his move from Manchester United to our beloved Juventus. I'm serious this time. There aren't any more wacky reports to follow. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL.



Paul Pogba has officially completed a move to Juventus. The French midfielder has signed a four-year contract, keeping him with the club until 2016.

The 19-year-old has already spent a few days training alongside his new teammates and pull on the black and white stripes for the first time in Wednesday's friendly against Benfica.

So, there you have it, folks. The man who had signed for Juventus in April, May, and June finally did it in July. The Paul Pogba-to-Juventus talk can officially end. Thank the dear lord. We can all go back to furiously refreshing our respective Twitter feeds for more transfer rumors now. Oh joy! Did you hear about how Robin van Persie wants a bazillion euros a week in salary? Seems legit!

I'll just stop right there.