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Wednesday Link Dump

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You'd think that outside of Antonio Conte's ban being upheld, there wouldn't be much else going on in the world of Juventus. Makes sense, really. One dominant news story and everything else seems to just fly under the radar where nobody really gives a damn.

Ha ha! That's not the case.

Other than Conte-related material, the interwebs has offered some other news/opinion matters for us today. And with the new campaign just a few short days away, what better way to ramp up into calcio mode than to read about it?

Andrea Agnelli's official statement regarding the decision to keep Conte's touchline ban at 10 months

I know I posted it in the last thread, but why would you want to scroll all the way down there? It's basically what we'd expect from Mr. President. He rips the courts good, and says the decision is idiotic. That's just me paraphrasing, though.


ESPN's take on Conte

Gab Marcotti has been churning out columns left and right for ESPN since he moved over from Sports Illustrated a few weeks back. Now he tackles the Conte situation, which doesn't exactly suscribe to the Juventus version of "No Totti, No Party."


Gigi Buffon to miss Parma

Stay calm, people. San Gigi isn't going to miss months upon months because of this. Luckily for all of us, Marco Storari is around being his usual awesome self. And with Buffon — and likely Giorgio Chiellini — out for the Serie A opener, we should see Captain Claudio on Saturday.


Juventus buy the other half of Alberto Masi's contract

The way Masi played during the preseason, it's not surprise Juve went for the bargain basement price to buy his contract outright. The kid's got talent — a lot of it.

And don't worry, Barca fans. We're not going to make you think it's Messi coming to Torino again. (That was pretty darn funny, though. GOTCHA!)


Who's wearing No. 10?

Nico Barbieri over at discusses the debate over what should happen to the No. 10 jersey at Juventus. It's not exactly something new to talk about, but certainly something that people should still be interested in.