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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Antonio Conte's Touchline Ban Is Still 10 Months

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Raise your hand if you're not surprised!!

Yep, after the first round of appeals Antonio Conte's touchline ban is still at 10 months. Antonio Conte was cleared of all charges when it comes to the Novara-Siena match under question. However, Conte was found guilty in relation to the Albinoleffe-Siena matchup, therefore his 10-month ban was upheld.

The decision, which was announced in the wee hours of the morning here in the States, isn't the last step Il Mister can take. Conte will continue to work his way up the appeals court food chain, as he is expected to take his case to the Italian Olympic Committee arbitration tribunal.

So he has that going for him, which is...yeah, I don't know anymore.

In other court-related news, Palazzi's appeals against the acquittals of Leonardo Bonucci and Simone Pepe have failed. Also, Angelo Alessio's ban has been reduced from eight months to six. Small victories, folks.

Andrea Agnelli's statement regarding the matter:

Today's decision by the Federal Court of Justice confirms my worst fears about the affair involving Antonio Conte, for events allegend to have taken place while he was employed by another club. For a number of months now I have followed this case in disbelief, along with a growing sense of unease for a sporting justice system which looks increasingly like a witch-hunt. It is now time to make a stand. Following a clear legal victory — his acquittal for failing to report Novara v. Siena which revealed the contradictory and conveniently-timed changed statement of a "witness" who is only interested in easy his own position — they have decided to go against logic and have even doubled his punishment.

Essentially, after months of hearing Filippo Carobbio explain how his coach actually invited his players to draw a game during the course of a technical meeting, today we discover the total innocence of Antonio Conte in that affair, yet they hide behind the second allegation (AlbinoLeffe v. Siena) to apply the same first-instance penalty, with no regard for the truth, basic arithmetic or justice. Justice in the true sense of the word.

For months now I have had to listen to lessons from members of institutions and respected thinkers calling for trust in a sporting justice system which — in the absence of proof — is happy to hold hasty trials with inconsistent time frames, case by case, investigation by investigation, perhaps person by person, or worse, club by club, with uncivilized methods which have no place in a democracy. That is not all. This system initially brandishes plea-bargains as a way out for individuals, only to then refuse them without grounds.

I would like to reaffirm my support and that of Juventus for Antonio Conte and Angelo Alessio, who are currently fighting this system, which needs to be reformed from the ground up. I trust that the judicial bodies of C.O.N.I, who we will be appealing to immediately, are able to resolve this grave injustice, which has damaged and continues to damage the club, something which needs to be assessed and quantified.

As has been state on numerous occasions, Antonio Conte is and will remain the coach of Juventus. The club, whose deserved Italian Super Cup triumph caused yet more envy while once again giving rise to anti-Juventus sentiments, stands united as it enters a challenging season in Serie A, the Champions League and the Coppa Italia.

Anyone who thinks this summer's judicial proceedings might affect our season is seriously mistaken.