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VOTD: Family Matters

No, this has nothing to do with Steve Urkel or Carl Winslow. This is a little bit different than a fictitious television show I watched after I came home from school as a kid. (Don't deny it. You watched it, too, guys.)

In case you missed 'em, here are the Juventus-powered highlights from Thursday's traditional Juventus A vs. Juventus B match in Villar Perosa, one that the seniors won 5-1.

There were John Elkann's bright blue pants on display. There were trophies that Juventus won in the somewhat recent future. There were tons of fans. And hey, there were even some goals. Then the fans stormed the field because, well, who doesn't like to storm the field and try to chase down some of your favorite players.

One last friendly to go on Sunday and then they start for real. Thank goodness. I'm ready for some football that counts.