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Post-Game Thread: Juventus Storm to Supercoppa Glory

One of the first things I saw on Twitter once Juventus were down 1-0 was a pretty legitimate question: "How will Juventus be able to react to adversity without Antonio Conte on the sidelines?" It made a lot of sense, especially when you consider everything the squad has been through in the past few weeks.

We found out — not once, but twice.

Down 1-0? No problem.

Down 2-1? No problem.

A couple of red cards later, a re-appearance by Mirko Vucinic infamous mustachio bashio, some fantastic creativity from Sebastian Giovinco, and the MVP midfield getting back to what it knows best, Juventus captured its fifth Supercoppa at a packed Bird's Nest.

There will be more from us later. Just enjoy it, Juventini. Another title's coming back to Turin.

Now it's time for some of us to go back to bed.