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OFFICIAL: Juventus sign Messi

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Just kidding, I meant Masi. Sorry, I couldn't pass up this chance. Anyway, now that you had time to catch your breath, and realize that you may not want me writing here anymore, let's get down to business.

Juventus signed half of Pro Vercelli's Alberto Masi. There isn't much information on him seeing that he is young, and playing for a club just recently promoted to Serie B. Here are a few things I gathered: 28 appearances last year, one goal scored. I have written enough about how the statement: "this player is the new ..." is completely ridiculous, specially comparing a player that has won almost everything that is to be won, with a player who hasn't played in Serie B yet. However, for those wanting a comparison, he has been likened to Nesta.

Masi started his career playing for Sampdoria to then move to Serie D club Lavagnese for the 2009-2010 season. There, he collected 20 appearances. He then moved back to Sampdoria for the 2010-2011 season to play in their primavera team so that the club could monitor his progress closely. Do you know how was sporting director of Sampdoria at the time? Marotta, do you know how overlooked their youth signings? Paratici. Yes Marotta, and Paratici moved to Juventus the same summer Masi came back, but it is reasonable to believe that they know the player from their time in Sampdoria. The following season (2011-2012), Masi moved to Pro Vercelli where he was an integral part of the second best defense in their division (19 goals conceded). At the end of the 2011-2012 season, Pro Vercelli and Sampdoria could not agree on a transfer (the player was on co-ownership) and they went to the envelopes. Pro Vercelli was the team that won Masi's contract allegedly with the help of Juventus.

Before I wrote this article I had no idea of the Marotta/Paratici connection with the player. Now that I am aware of this connection, this signing looks a lot more exciting. From what I have read, Masi is good in the air and good with his feet (he is right footed), both qualities that Conte appreciates. The management has such faith in Masi that it appears he will be joining Juventus for the beginning of the preseason before going back to Pro Vercelli for Serie B next season. In this way, Conte will be able to assess the kid better and see if he can fit in our system in a few years.

Juventus just got their hands in a player that both Paratici and Marotta know well, and one that seems to suit Conte's system. We may not have signed Messi, but hopefully in a few years, Masi will be showing the little Argentinian, how ruthless a solid Italian defender can be.