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Round 38: And Now, It's Time to Do Some Celebrating

Let this be "See you later," not "Goodbye."
Let this be "See you later," not "Goodbye."

You know what sounds nice? "Juventus, Campioni D'Italia."

Man, I've waited a long time to be able to say that. I bet I'm not the only one. I should probably stop trying to make this all about me.

So, moving on.

You know what also has a nice ring to it? Having Sunday's season finale at Juventus Stadium be a complete party. I'm talking an absolute sight like we've never seen before. If you think the No. 30 is being shown off now, just wait until the game is actually being played. Juventus know how to do these types of things right — and that's what we get. That's what we, as Juventini, deserve after all we've been through the past six years.

Maybe we should just follow Martin Caceres' lead and plant one on Antonio Conte cheek...



Just one game remains in this glorious season of ours. The final day of the 2011-12 Serie A season will be an absolute celebration of what has happened in the previous 37 ones. It started the day Conte was appointed manager and will come to a culmination when the entire squad is celebrating with the trophy.

Ah, right. There's actually a game to go along with it.

Le Chiavi: It was hard to get onboard with the whole undefeated season when Juve were struggling to pick up wins after the Christmas break. Draw after draw, frustrating result after frustrating result. Not exactly stuff that you'd expect from the team who would later be crowned champion, huh? Well, a few months later, the perfect record is still intact. And obviously, it means a little bit — or a lot — more to us now that the end of the season is only 90 minutes.

Good news: Juventus won the Scudetto. There will be a parade. I don't know what else needs to be said.

Bad news — in quick fashion:

  • This could quite possibly be Alessandro Del Piero's last home game in a Juventus jersey. I'm not really sure I can put what this means into words. I'm pretty sure you all feel the same way.
  • No Arturo Vidal due to the yellow card he picked up against Cagliari. See you in the Coppa Final, Arturo.

My Starting XI (3-5-2): Buffon; Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini; Caceres, Marrone, Pirlo, Marchisio, Pepe; Quagliarella, ALESSANDRO DEL PIERO

(Yes, caps were needed.)

There's not much else to say, really. Enjoy the festivities, everybody. I know I will.