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Round 31: Palermo?! More Like Paler-No!

<em></em>Come at me, bro!!!
Come at me, bro!!!

Last week we took advantage of wambulance-riding Milan to narrow the gap to -2 at the top, with eight weeks left to play. Seriously, it wasn't that clear of a goal from the replays. Certainly not like the one against Juventus which was wrongfully disallowed. But come on, signor Allegri, for all your melodramatic, hypocritical whining, don't frown because it's over, smile because it happened, I mean, don't think about the two times that the refs disadvantaged you this season. Think of all the times you've gotten a little bit of help from your twelfth man. The glass looks half-full now, doesn't it?


Palermo, much like Napoli, was a major problem for us the past few years, only not as talented as their southern kissing cousins. However, the first time we met this season we dispatched with them in similar fashion as Napoli last weekend. Have we turned the corner? Well, considering our biggest problem this season has been an inability at times to score (not create) goals, things have been looking better with the spring thaw. The past three weeks we've decisively beaten three teams which always historically given us trouble and play us hard no matter what -- Fiorentina, Inter, and Napoli -- outscoring the three 10-0 in the process.

Keep. This. Up.

Le chiavi: All eyes on Miccoli, as a less-than-full-strength Palermo will be looking at the former Juventus pocket poacher to lead the attack. He does get angry when he faces his former club and, you know how Ronnie from the "Jersey Shore," I mean, Fabrizio, gets when he's angry -- no, not like that, like this.

Good news: Against i Rosanero, we won't have to worry about wearing those so-hideous-they-might-actually-be-at-that-awkward-full-circle-point-where-they're-kinda-cool-looking pink jerseys!!!

Unlike Palermo, our team is at full strength, meaning Conte will be free to choose from everyone (except for the one person whom I want to see play, at this point, if only because I don't actually believe that he really exists -- "PLAYER AT JUVE & DUTCH TEAM" you say? Not anymore, you aren't).

And we'll likely revert back to a 4-3-3. With Matri and Pepe back in the lineup.

Bad news: I'm peacin' out.

Come at me, bro: Well, that doesn't really make sense. And it's not a good category title, is it?

My starting XI: (4-4-2) Pagliuca; Maldini, Costacurta, Benarrivo, Mussi; Berti, D. Baggio, Albertini, Donadoni; R. Baggio, Casiraghi.

Oh wait...I've confused the present day Juventus with the 1994 Nazionale.

Take it easy, everyone.

See you soon. I've kinda checked out........