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VOTD: Conte Laying Down The Law

He may not be the most experienced coach in Serie A, nor is he tactically the most superior, but if there is one thing Antonio Conte has gotten right with Juventus since day one it's been attitude.

He's always been humble, measured, reasonable, and has done an incredible job transferring that attitude to his players. 30 games in and sitting in second spot without a defeat, you'd think Conte would be ecstatic of how his first season has gone so far at Juventus. And while he just may feel that way deep inside, in his communication with his players and the media he's been anything but. The man know what's at stake and knows how to keep pushing his players to achieve greatness.

Yesterday, a video started circulating on the web of a speech Conte gave his players in training after Napoli's win. Apparently, SKY was able to listen in on the interview and thus showcase Conte's ruthless attitude.

Our friends over at the forum were kind enough to transcribe the video in Italian, which I grabbed this morning and loosely translated to English for our readers here on the blog.

It's short, concise, and to the point. Enjoy.