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So Close Yet So Far: A Short Tale of Delusion, Modern Technology Failure and Heartbreak

In the 87th minute,

Of the Milan-Genoa game,

I'm commenting proud,

As Prince the Griffin tames,

The boys have finally done it,

It took almost the entire match,

Now on to the next one,

We have that damn Juventus to catch!

The coach is a tactical mastermind,

Our attack way too strong,

Didn't Galliani brief this ******g ref?

What's taking so long?!

But wait a minute,

What is going on,

What is this wonderful revelation,

I'm hearing through my headphone,

My hands are shaking,

I think I just had a minor heart attack,

BREAKING NEWS: Cesena have scored!

They have clawed one back,

I can feel the comeback,

The Scudetto is near,

Juventus is now no longer,

At the top 3 points clear,

Suck it, Conte,

Bow down to Allegri,

This is our moment,

We will be crowned champions, baby!

The cameraman signals to no avail,

He looks distraught,

In a bitter misunderstanding,

We seem to have all been caught...

"Cesena's score has been called off"

"But why and how?!" an explanation I can't find,

Just like Allegri, Muntari's disallowed goal,

Persecutes my mind,

This is embarrassing,

There are no words left to be said,

I'm not very good at rhyming,

So I'll just hit "Embed".

Gira la voce di un gol contro la Juve e Mauro Suma esulta... (via nastrick)

In the 87th minute of the Milan-Genoa match, Mario Suma, Milan Channel director, die-hard fan and match commentator was informed by aliens his technical crew that Cesena had hit one back and tied the score at the Manuzzi against Juventus to 1-1 with just a handful of minutes left to play. This news was also posted on the big information screen of the San Siro, where delirious and ecstatic Milan fans began to celebrate at the thought of momentarily having cut the distance from the league leaders down from three to a mere one point. Mario Suma, quite enthusiastically, lost his mind, only to be informed by none other than aliens, once again his crew that no second goal had been scored in the Cesena-Juventus match, and the Bianconeri were still leading 1-0. Distraught and perplexed, he informs his audience that Cesena's goal had been disallowed, while asking for more information.

Ultimately, with his enthusiasm and spirit now well below his ankles, Suma learns that there was never a Cesena goal in the first place and utters: "What embarrassment, guys!" to his alien friends colleagues.