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Round 33 (Which is Actually 34): Under the Sea(horses)

"Sorry 'bout that."
"Sorry 'bout that."

Over the course of the season, there are difficult games — ones that are great triumphs if your team comes out victorious. They are praised across the country, the tifosi rejoice, and the players celebrate. Then there are ones where you play the worst team in Serie A that is looking relegation right in the face and anything but three points would be a complete failure.

This game would be the second of those two scenarios.

Indeed, this is Serie A's first-place team against its celler dweller. Juventus just keeps on winning, recording their sixth straight victory over the weekend with the 4-0 thrashing of Roma. This winning streak seems to be San Gigi approved. Cesena, on the other hand, is counting down the days until they are officially sent down to Serie B.

However, this kind of game against a bottom-half team has given Juve trouble this season. Those bottom-half-of-the-table games are what have given Conte's squad a bit of trouble this year. No need to look further than the first time these two teams squared off at Juventus Stadium back in early December.

And Cesena haven't recorded a loss in their last five games (all draws), so while they're basically relegated, it's not like they're basically rolling over against their opponents.

But you never know. I could be totally wrong.


Le chiavi: Our boys really couldn't be playing any better. No matter how inconsistent Roma's defense has been this season, Sunday's game was basically over and done with within 30 minutes. That, my friends, is domination. You think Conte will object to the same kind of start against Cesena? I don't think so. There's no reason to think that Juve won't come out with the same kind of spirit and fire that they did against Roma. Kill off Cesena early, it's another three points in the bag.

All that's left is making it happen.

Good news: Cesena's goal differential is hilarious. This should bode well for a Juventus offense that is AVERAGING just about 20 shots per game. Yes, 20. That's more than how many goals Cesena has scored this season.

Bad news: There won't be any Malaca. What?! No Jorge Martinez?! Juventus is saved! No, seriously. Is it any surprise that Martinez — and Vincenzo Iaquinta— is injured? Seems almost natural.

So that's not exactly "bad news." It just made me laugh. Good 'ol Jorge!

Okay, actually bad news: No Quags for this one after he picked up a yellow against Roma. Will Conte go Matri, or will he go Borriello? I think we all know what we want, but who knows what Conte will actually do.

My starting XI (4-3-3): San Gigi; Steiner, Dre, Giorgio of the Jungle, Ashton; King Arturo, Jon Bon Pirlo, Principino; Pepinho, Mitra Matri, Vooch


My starting XI (3-5-2): San Gigi; BonBon, Dre, Giorgio of the Jungle; Forrest, King Arturo, Jon Bon Pirlo, Principino, Ashton; MitraVoochie

See? I can't be wrong now! Actually, I could.