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Round 34 (33): The Most Important Match of the Season?

No, Antonio, <em>you're</em> the man.
No, Antonio, you're the man.

Everywhere you look, every paper you open, you see the storylines surrounding Sunday's match at Juventus Stadium.

It is, of course, the first weekend of action since the calcio world lost Piermario Morosini. Might it be the last time we see two Legends, Totti and Del Piero, on the field together? It is the beginning of the final charge in the current campaign. That means, for our beloved Bianconeri, it is the beginning of the final push towards a third star accompanying those lovely Black and White stripes.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some football.


Out of the remaining six games, this is the one that would give Juventus the most trouble. It's at Juventus Stadium, sure. It's against a Roma team that has certainly had its share of ups and downs this season. But this is a Roma team that is fighting for the third and final Champions League spot.

Take a look at Juventus' schedule after this game; the teams they play lie — as of this moment — 20th (Cesena), 19th (Novara), 18th (Lecce), 14th (Cagliari) and 10th (Atalanta). But forget the schedule, this is all a conspiracy because Max Allegri said so.

Juve win this one and it's nothing but provincial sides from here on out. Sounds good to me.

Le chiavi: Roma has had a Mirko Vucinic-ish kind of season. Sometimes they're very good, sometimes they're just kind of meh, and sometimes they're flat out bad. Their form is a clear reflection of that. They can play basically even with Milan one day and then get throttled by Lecce — yes, Lecce — just a few weeks later. That's just how its seemed to go for Roma as they continue to rebuild in a post-Sensi world.

It's still a huge game regardless of what Roma shows up. We all know what the implications are and what happens win, lose, or draw. I'd love to see the so-so one show itself, but in this kind of game with both teams fighting for their own respective targets, sometimes form doesn't exactly matter.

Good news: The unfortunate postponement of Round 33's games — which will be made up on next Tuesday/Wednesday — not only gave the team a well-deserved break, but also means no suspensions. Yes, everybody's available. I know I've said it for the past couple of weeks, but this time of year and to dealt with as few injuries as Juventus has, it's really amazing.

Bad news: Look who's refereeing this one. /facepalm

My starting XI (4-3-3): San Gigi; Swiss Beats, Dre, Giorgione, Paolo De Kutcher; KIng Arthur, Jon Bon Pirlo, Principino; Pepinho, Mitra Matri, Vucinic Quagliabella

There's a Vucinic missing. That's on purpose, people. I know we can't get away from him, but dammit I want to just for one game. It'd be nice not to yell at my television because of a Mirko turnover.

But who knows. If the rumblings about Conte going with a 3-5-2 come out to be true, then I look completely stupid. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time — or last — that its happened.