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A Scheduling Note

Sez Football Italia:

The Lega Calcio has decided that Week 33’s postponed round of fixtures will now be played on the midweek of April 25.

After the entire round’s postponement over the weekend in the wake of Livorno player Piermario Morosini’s death on Saturday afternoon, there was dispute between top-flight clubs over when the games should be played instead.

A majority of clubs were happy to have next weekend’s Week 34 games shifted back a few days into an April 25 midweek round and for Week 33’s matches to then take next Saturday and Sunday’s slot.

However, the likes of Inter, Udinese, Chievo, Genoa and Napoli reportedly pushed for Week 34 to stay at the weekend and Week 33 to instead move to the April 25 position.

After holding a meeting between the League’s clubs on Monday evening, a decision has now been reached to leave Week 34’s fixtures scheduled for this coming weekend and then play Week 33’s postponed games the following midweek, on Wednesday April 25.

Kick-off times for the new midweek round are likely to be mid-afternoon, in light of appeasing UEFA regulation that they cannot be played at the same time as Champions League games. The second leg of the semi-final between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid will be played that Wednesday evening.

So it's Roma this weekend on Sunday as regularly scheduled and Cesena on Wednesday. Sounds good to me.