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Round 28: Drunk Brazilian Returns With a Florence Flask

"This violet shirt feels so much lighter, I can finally fly like the sparrow that I am!"
"This violet shirt feels so much lighter, I can finally fly like the sparrow that I am!"

Glass half-empty: We're sputtering a bit.

Glass half-full: We're still unbeaten (although I wish I could say the same about that dead horse in the corner).

Glass half-full: We're still five points clear of Lazio.

Glass half-empty: They've got more wins than us at this point. Doesn't seem right.

Glass half-empty: We travel to Tuscany to face Fiorentina tomorrow, who - despite currently sitting in 14th place, seven points out of the relegation zone - always play Juventus hard.

Glass half-full: Their attack is lead by Amauri.

Our ex players always have something to prove. Any professional wants to be able to succeed at a big club like Juventus. It goes without saying that being able to find success at any level is something any player would want. Sometimes they can't, and the shame kicks in. Sometimes it can be crippling, sometimes it's a great motivator. I have a feeling it will be the former, as he is yet to net a single goal since he arrived in Florence. But one way or another, under all the gloss is one simple fact - you've failed, Amauri. You've been completely worthless beyond a decent few months, and that's it.

Blame whoever you want. Say whatever you want. Pre-gloat about how you'll run around the stadium if you score all you want. You've accomplished nothing, and unless things change and 30 becomes the new 20, you never will. In fact, you'll go down as a failure.

I always hated Sebastian Giovinco's mouth, but at least he sort of had a reason to be annoyed. Amauri, you've had had nothing but chances and you've done nothing but squander them all. Go screw.

Oh, and kudos to Conte for pretty much calling him out on his bullshit.

And tomorrow, may you remain snuggly tucked away in Giorgio Chiellini's pocket.

Good news: Jovetic out, Amauri in. Also, Chiellin's back, and so is Bonucci, which will allow Vidal to move back up to midfield where he belongs...or does he...(stop, I'm not going to get into how comfortable and impressive he looked at center back last week, nor am I going to get into the quality of refereeing or lack thereof).

Bad news: I would be lying if I said it the whole "curse of your ex" (no, not that - Borriello, I'm looking at you) didn't cross my mind. I'll simply choose to ignore it for now.

Oh yea, and still no Barzagli. :(

Le chiavi: Find a way to not draw. And I don't mean by losing.

My Starting XI: (4-3-3) Gigi; PDC, Giorgio, Boner, Licht; M-V-P; Elijah, A-Mat, Sgt. Pepe.