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Possibly The Most Insignificant Poll Ever


Okay, the question at hand may be silly, but I would really like your input. See, some of you hear of social media fluff talk and go "Dagnabit I don't care what you had for breakfast this morning!". Others are a bit more open and/or professionally savvy and use silly websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as an advantage in connecting with people and learning about interesting news almost instantaneously.

Finally, there's some of us (notice how it's "us" all of the sudden) that really embrace social media and let it become an integral part of their lives. For those of us, trivial things like a twitter username becomes a big deal.

So while I am not yet to the point of tracing woodlines on a hardwood floor, I am certainly losing a bit of sleep trying to decide what to pick as our new our Twitter username. Right now, it is @juveoffside (as many of you know).

In light of our move to SB Nation, I would like that to change to something more official. So, here are some options I spit out for you guys. Whaddya think? Which one do you like? Or do you have one that you've thought of that may just get enough recs to be considered? (Apparently Apple has patented the word Like and is charging Facebook royalty fees).

Either way, hit the poll. Let your voice be heard!