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Round 27: Sick of Bologna, Time for Salami

"Can leap over successful finishing in a single bound!"
"Can leap over successful finishing in a single bound!"

I'm really fed up. But then again, I'm really happy that we're overachieving. Right? I don't know. Perhaps it's because another legitimate penalty was wrongfully disallowed, although we aren't allowed to talk about that because Juventus the team that benefits from poor referee decisions all the time, right? Well, maybe. Then there's also Conte's selection choices, which are beginning to drive me completely insane. I'm sick of writing about them right now, so I'll let someone else's fine work speak for me.

Or maybe it's some deep-seated psychological issue lingering deep inside of me.

Uggg. Thank God it's Friday.

So, now we travel to Genoa, home of Christopher Colombus, Salami, and currently set to be renamed Gilardinoville by myself. You think we've had a bad run of things? Well, things aren't going so well over there. Drawing a large chunk of their most recent games, Genoa are seemingly trying to out-Juve Juventus, only their current 14th place spot leaves far more to be desired.

I've spilt my heart on the web and overshot my optimism on my last piece, so I'll get right to the meat and potatoes. Or perhaps spaghetti and meatball better analogy for Americans?

Bad news: No Chiellini. No Barzagli. Now, no Bonucci. Thank God we have Frederick Sorenson, who deputized so well last season during times of injury. Oh wait...

The second I saw Boner's nasty tackle Gaston Ramirez (aka "next-summer's-'top-player'-target-before-Marotta-eventually-gives-up,-calls-it-a-night,-and-spends-14.5-million-Euros-on-Andrea-Cossu-(you heard it here first!)), my mind spun trying to think about who would pair with Martin Caceres -- a natural fullback -- in the center of defense this weekend. My first thought was Arturo Vidal. I've written about the versatility of Arturo Vidal a bit before. I'm not clairvoyant, I'm not a tactical genius, I'm not a special one. But I know what I've read, and the guy has played a bit of center back for the Chilean National Team and apparently came up as one. Hey, if it worked for DDR, then why not King Arthur?

Good news: Well, Conte being banned from the match doesn't mean that he won't be setting the lineup. That means no Elia, no Quags, no ADP, no creativity up-front whatsoever.

But Mirko Vucinic will probably play! Oh wait...what section of this piece am I at again?

(See above news, "bad.")

Le chiave: What will be more porous? Juve's makeshift back line or this?

My Starting XI: (4-3-3) Buffon; De Ceglie, Vidal, Caceres, Lichtsteiner; Marchisio, Pirlo, Marrone; Elia, Matri, Quagliarella.

With Borriello nowhere to be found.

Juventus probable XI: Something that looks nothing like mine.