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VOTD: Buon Natale da Juventus (And B&W&RAO Too)!


After Friday night's victory in Parma against Cagliari, the official beginnings to the winter break is upon. For the next two weeks, there will be nothing but transfer rumors to fill our calcio fix as the January transfer quickly approaches.

Here on the West Coast, there's just under an hour before Christmas finally arrives. So, I think that's close enough to wish everybody who regularly visits the blog a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year in advance. Did I get that right? All right, good.

I'd say 2012 has been a pretty good year for Juventus, yeah? A second straight winter championship — rumor has it there's some kind of trend that goes along like that. The return to the Champions League. Oh, and the best of all: Scudetto No. 30.

Yeah, good year. A very good year.

Have a slice of pie. Have an adult beverage or two if you feel so inclined. Just don't ask Hulkensteiner to sing anything for you. Well, you can. I just don't want to see the aftermath of any kind of hulk smashes or something along those lines.

Again, Buon Natate a tutti!