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Post-Game Thread: A Whole Lot Of No. 12 on 12-12-12

Are you ready to get freaked the hell out? Put on your party hats, folks. This is about to get exciting.

Valerio Pennicino

First we had this....

Then we had this...

And finally we had this...

For Sebastian Giovinco on Wednesday, it was all about 12s. It's spooky. It's kinda cool at the same time. Either way, Juventus, courtesy of Giovinco's goal, are moving in the Coppa Italia. Quest for the silver star officially activate!

As for the actual game, well, we won't talk much about that. It wasn't even close to Juve's best game, much in the same way Sunday's win over Palermo was. Juventus weren't great, not by a longshot. It doesn't matter which striker starts, they're basically required to be wasteful in front of goal. It's almost like it's written into their contracts or something...

/shifty eyes/

/changes subject/

Hey, guys. What's up with all the injuries tonight?

/changes subject again/

Yet, despite the so-so effort as a whole, the main objective — a win — was still achieved. In a Coppa where it's basically second stringers going against second stringers, style points aren't really the biggest deal to me. At least, not at this point in the tournament. If Juventus play like this in later rounds, then there might be a problem.

But that's something to worry about at a later date. Now let's all just sit back and watch tomorrow's match between Milan and Reggina to see who's coming to the Juventus Stadium in January.

And honest question for all of you guys: You think Antonio Conte missed the home crowd? Yeah, he did. And I feel pretty safe in saying the feeling is mutual.

My Man of the Match: While I want to say Luca Marrone for the simple fact that he's awesome and finally got to play for the first time in a long time, my head says Sebastian Giovinco. Obviously he got the game-winning goal — the eighth time he has found the back of the net in all competitions — but I liked the way he played as a whole. The finishing, as I said, was less than desired, but that's pretty much become the norm for the Juventus strikers as a whole. Giovinco was dangerous in the final third, and did well creating for himself as well as others. I mean, when you're allowing Nicklas Bendtner to get solid looks on goal, you must be doing something well, right? Exactly right.

And, let's be honest, this whole deal with all the 12s is kinda cool — and kinda spooky. You can decide which area it falls into more. I'm just gonna go figure out how Juventus can go into the Christmas vacation with no more injuries.