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Post-Game Thread: When In Doubt, Claudio Marchisio

This was headed for disappointment. That is, until a hero appeared. A hero who they call 'Principino.'

Gabriele Maltinti - Getty Images

There were a lot of things that Juventus didn't do well against Siena on Sunday. The defense — minus Leonardo Bonucci — didn't play very well at all. And that could be said for pretty much the entire team, as they took the 1-all scoreline into the final stages of what everybody was predicting would be a Juventus win.

But one there also something that looked awfully familiar: Claudio Marchisio scoring a game-winning goal.

For his first goal of the campaign, Marchisio continued his late-game heroics from a season ago, a year in which it seemed like every goal he scored a goal it would either tie or win a game. That's probably because it did.

Now, Marchisio is doing the same kind of thing, which saved Juventus from returning home with only a point. Sometimes you just gotta win ugly. And I'm pretty sure this can be included as one of those.

Well, except for Claudio Marchisio's efforts. Those are pretty much beautiful every time he steps on the field.

So now it's the international break. For some, it's not much of a break at all. Which is not exactly the best news in the world seeing as some players could really use some non-football time off. But that's just the way it is. Squad rotation rolls on. And so does Juventus' unbeaten streak in Serie A.

Forty-six and counting, folks.

My Man of the Match: As much as you could say Pirlo for his goal — and clanger off the post — it's numero otto, Claudio Marchisio. Sure, his game-winning goal will be the headliner, and rightfully so. But leading up until that point, he was one of the few players in the Juventus squad that were actually having a good game. His countless running was ever present and even before he got the late winner, Marchisio actually plenty of chances to get on the score sheet. He was active, dangerous, and his usual badass self.