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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Antonio Conte's Touchline Ban Gets Reduced

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As it should have been all along.

Claudio Villa - Getty Images

Juventus will be getting its master tactician back a little sooner than expected. Or a lotta sooner than expected. And that's a damn good thing. Not that Massimo Carrera has been doing a terrible job, but Antonio Conte is Antonio Conte and there's nothing anybody can do about it.


After what seemed like 500 appeals, Conte finally got some ending to this complete mess of a situation, as he saw his touchline ban reduced from 10 months to four months and change, the FIGC announced on Friday.

Conte — who, as we all know, has been able to train the team during the first two-plus months of his suspension — will be able to re-join the team on the sidelines in the second weekend of December. That's Dec. 9, to be specific. And, if my calculations are correct, that's right after the Turin Derby and trip to Ukraine for the Champions League group stage finale and before the winter break, so we will have plenty of time to talk about Conte's return!

Isn't that exciting?!?!

Moving on.

A lot of us will be screaming "THIS IS BS. ANYTHING BUT AN ACQUITTAL IS CRAP!" right about now. And I understand why. Through all of this, Conte has been drug through the mud where unreliable sources have seemingly been the ones who are being believed rather than actual investigations taking place.

That's totally logical, right? Hmm, yeah. Not so sure about that.

But this is Italy. And if December is the soonest Conte can return because of the completely idiotic sporting and/or judicial system known as the FIGC, then we have no other choice than to deal with it. We know this whole thing is screwed. Conte knows it's screwed up. Juventus knows it's screwed up.

December can't come soon enough.