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Post-Game Thread: Drawn Out Night At Juventus Stadium

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Claudio Villa - Getty Images

From the disappointing crowd to the disappointing team performance, Juventus Stadium's Champions League debut wasn't all that we hoped it would be. Shakhtar had a lot to do with it, of course. I can certainly say they surprised a lot of people, myself included.

However, in a group this difficult, winning at home is important as all hell. And with one of the best home-field advantages in Europe, it almost was guaranteed the stadio would be rockin' tonight and the team would use that to catapult themselves to three points and go joint-top of the table.

Now, after two matches, Juventus find themselves chasing not only one team atop the group, but two. Yes, every game in the group stages of the Champions League is important, but they've only gotten that much more crucial now.

I'm not giving up hope. Not even close to doing so. Juventus had chances to win. So did Shakhtar — even in the final 30 seconds. It was a better second half than the first, but it wasn't the same Juve we have seen before.

But the draws are going to have to end — fast. Having two games against the worst team in the group will definitely help. Chelsea and Shakhtar and can and beat each other up for two straight games. That's fine with me. Yet it will be meaningless if Juventus come away with anything less than six points.

Oh, and there's this: