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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Angelo Alessio's Touchline Ban Gets Axed

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Breaking: Good things are happening.

Valerio Pennicino - Getty Images

First it was Antonio Conte's touchline ban being reduced. Now, the TNAS has taken things a step further for a member of Conte's coaching staff, Angelo Alessio.

Conte's right-hand man had his own touchline ban — which was handed down during the same calcioscommesse nonsense this past summer — completely wiped away, giving him the chance to roam the sidelines freely when Juventus resume the campionato against Napoli next Saturday, Oct. 20.

More from Football Italia:

Alessio, like coach Antonio Conte, was suspended from match-day duties after he was found guilty of failing to report an alleged attempt to fix a game while they were at Siena.

Alessio took his case to the TNAS appeal court in a bid to be acquitted of the charge, but he was only able to get his six-month suspension reduced.

He will now be banned until October 15, so he will therefore be available for the October 20 tie versus Napoli.

Conte will return to the bench on December 9 against Palermo.

This begs the question: What now for Massimo Carrera?

Going by how things fall in the pecking order, Alessio would take over the game-day responsibilities from Carrera, who has done a fine job in the two months he's been "coaching" the team during matches in both Serie A and the Champions League.

It's tough to say. I personally have been surprised by how well Carrera has done and how he's handled what has been a whirlwind couple of months when it comes to the amount of games Juve have played since the season began. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

But logic says Alessio will take things over with Carrera assuming more of his assistant coach duties during games.

Either way, it's glad to see court decisions going Juventus way. The countdown is still going strong for Conte's return. What a beautiful day that will be.