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Remembering the Productive Days Of Vincenzo Iaquinta

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Remember the nose? Well, the nose knows, don't you know.

Christof Koepsel - Getty Images

Some words of agents can be taken for absolutely nothing. It's absolute crap. They mean as much as something your cat would meow at you while they're half asleep on the couch. (Probably something to do about "GIMME TUNA!" or whatever.)

But when Vincenzo Iaquinta's agent — who just so happens to also be his father — came out on Monday and said some pretty damming things about the club that still sign checks to the former Italy international striker, it was pretty serious. There was no beating around the bush. Giuseppe Iaquinta let it all go. He let things fly as only a man with some kind of point to prove can do.

He took no prisoners and let the calcio world know just how he feels about his son's current status with Juventus.

From Football Italia:

"This purchase I do not understand," he told Tutto Juve. "Why spend money on him when you have Vincenzo in the team? Last year they took Marco Borriello — doing this has written down my son in an incredible way.

"I do not understand. What has Vincenzo done wrong? He was always respectful, always tried in training and because he suffered some injuries, he has been show the door like this.

"We have been polite, respectful, and yet Juve and the President do not say a word. When Juve were going through a bad period, Vincenzo was there for them. And then when he suffered some bad injuries, he was shut out like a rookie.

"It is not fair to treat a person like that. With all due respect to the Agnelli family, you cannot destroy a person psychologically like they have done with Vincenzo."

First off, that's some pretty serious stuff, especially the last sentence. You just don't throw that out there unless you really think there's some proof behind it.

But when I read these quotes, it made me think: Remember when Vincenzone playing a somewhat big role at Juventus in the post-Calciopoli world?

It has been almost 18 months since Iaquinta donned the Black and White jersey of Juventus, a late-game substitution on March 12, 2011, against Cesena. It has been nearly two complete years since he scored a gol while wearing a Juventus jersey. Most of it has been filled with injury problems, the same ones that derailed his career and kept him away from the team for so long.

That's a far cry from when Iaquinta was an actual participating member of the Juventus squad.

He was never a flashy player. But that, of course, wasn't why he was signed. He was brought to Juve to do one thing: Score goals. He did that, scoring as many as 15 in all competitions in the 2008-09 campaign. Iaquinta even proved that Alessio Secco could sign productive players while he played the role of "sporting director" at Juventus. Then again, when you're being compared to the likes of Tiago and Amauri, it's tough not to be considered anything but a complete bust.

Iaquinta wasn't that. He scored his goals, some pretty important ones at that. He made the Stadio Olimpico go absolute bonkers when he found the back of the net in the second leg of the knockout-stage matchup against Chelsea in 2009. Or, if you like something different, then his side-volley against Roma was probably just the goal for you.

Either way, you could bank on two things: (1) Iaquinta giving everything he had for the good of Juventus and (2) if he had the luxury of scoring a goal, the celebration would be as intense as it could possibly be.

But as we near the end of his last contract of Juventus, it's hard not to think of his situation — both past and present.