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Game Time Live Blog: Atalanta - Juve

Okay, so I'm going to try something new. Live blogging. I tried setting up an account with live blogger, and it looked really complicated, so I am just going to keep updating the post from Word Press. I also reserve the right to stop at any time if I get bored, annoyed, or angry.

Will De Ceglie play (it' s looking like he is going to!)? Will Pirlo look really really stoned? Will Danny and I remain friends after tomorrow?

Aaaannnnddd I just cracked open my first beer.

And more good news, De Ceglie is indeed starting.  Good for you, Paolino.

God, German Denis scares the ever living bejesus out of me.

1' And there's the kickoff!  So nice to see Giorgio back in the middle.  Where he belongs, dammit.  Show me what you're made of, PDC.  Move that ball.

2' Fox Soccer commentator saying that 68% of the time, the Winter Champion has won the Scudetto.  Prediction:  this will be the only correct statement made all day.

3' AHHHH Matri!  Diong your best Vooch impression.

4' Pretty bad foul by Marchisio.  In other news, today's beer was brought to you by Trader Joe's, with Vienna style lager.  Schelotto looks tricky down the wing, and I have a feeling I am going to need these.

8' "Moralez takes the ball away from Pirlo..." I have a feeling I'll be hearing that a lot today.

8' Pepe, Cazzo!  Put that on net at least!  Force a save, at least get a rebound chance.

11' La zona di Pirlo.  Sounds an awful lot like "la zona Del Piero," huh?

11' AHH Matri again!  Good effort though.

12' Vooch!  Okay, I'm liking what I see.  We're showing up to play thus far.

13' HOLY DE CEGLIE!  Trying to do a Quagliarella impression.  Keep the pressure, boys...

14' Watch that counterattack....

20' I hope we don't rue all those missed chances from around 6-7 min ago...

22' Eesshhh, Mr. Clean actually does have blood running through his veins, and not tile cleaner like I had always thought...

26' Come on, make these corners count...we have some tall players, remember?

28' Foul Chiellini, dangerous spot for a free kick.  Someone needs a shot...

30' F!  Offsides, not that it matters.  Straight to the keeper.  Come one, Matri.  Replay shows it was a bad call.  Doesn't matter anyway.  Thanks for letting the refs save face, Ale.

35' LOL Vooch!  Oh wait, it's not really that funny.

36' We actually got a handball call!  Oh wait, it wasn't in the box.  That's why.

37' So close!  Good job though, PDC...should've buried it though...

38' PDC vs. Schelotto is becoming an interesting matchup.  With his pace, I'm even more glad that Chiellini is back to the center.

39' Wow!  Nice shot, Pepe.

40' WTF with these stupid wasted corners!!!  We need to start doing something with those!

42' Woodwork from Vidal!  My God, something has to slip in eventually!  (that's what she said).

43' Okay, please, send this corner into the box, and high.

43' Or not.

44' ...I said Denis scares the shit out of me...

45' Grinta!

45' Yea, Raimondi, that wasn't a foul.  Way to waste a yellow card, idiot.

47' Buffon = Jorge Campos?

HT - okay, seriously.  We need to keep the pressure on, and actually friggin score.  Seriously.  #obvious

HT - switching to hot red pepper tarralles and Amstel Light in hopes that maybe a little tricky-dicky, freaky-deaky Dutchie will come off the bench and help unlock this defense.  Oh wait...

HT - Giaccherini coming on for Marchisio.  Interesting...4-4-2?  I don't get it.  Let's see...I just hope Marchisio isn't hurt.

46' Oh good.  My wife is back.  After having just had a stressful conversation about a bridal shower.  As if this game isn't stressful enough already.  She needs a drink.  I need another.

47' Amau-tri?  Someone had to say it sooner or later.  Okay, I'll never say that again.  I promise.

50' Denis off his hand!  Call?  Of course not. I'll take the foul call though.

52' Stupid card for Licht.  I like the intensity, but I'd rather waste it on a professional foul than that.  That'll hurt when you accumulate and we lose you for one.

54' LICHTSTEINER!!!!!!  NICE HEADER!  Snuck in past the goalie!  (that's what she said).

55' "I'm the good luck charm," says the wifey.  "It's because I'm not wearing a bra.  I feel very 'Euro.'  Midday beers and braless?  Why wouldn't they score for me?!"

57' Giaccherini (does not) = Messi.

59' "Did we F up this guy's head, or was it already F-ed up?"  "We did."  "Good for us."


64' Keep your cool, Forrest...he's being a dick, but he's doing it on purpose because you already have a stupid yellow.  See?

66' Just to piss off my wife, I'm going to start talking about how they should sell Matri while he still has value.  This oughta be good.

67' "Sell him to ME!  I'll buy him."

67' "Look at this F-ing clown, he looks like Sloth, from Goonies!  That's his name, right?  Sloth?  Or Chunk?  No, Sloth!"  She literally adds so much more to this experience.  And provides so much more material.

69' Really?  Mr. Brown for Sgt. Pepe?  With Meelosh on the bench?  I give up.

71' Wifey just cracked open her second beer since she arrived around 20 minutes ago.  I'm still on my second.  Of the entire game.

73' Amau-tri.  Sorry.  Can't help it.

74' Alright, I guess I'll have another one...

75' San Gigi!


Chiellini playing very very well so far. CB pairing looking solid today
"That's what you always say!  By the way, fake Camoranesi guy, kinda looks an Italian Napoleon Dynamite, with that fly-catcher mouth and face."

79' "The guy with the wrap on his head kinda reminds of Nicholas Cage from 'Face Off.'  I keep waiting for him to unwrap his face, and underneath, it's JOHN TRAVOLTA!  It's like the English Patient is playing right now."  I'm literally having trouble keeping up with the actual game at this point.  I need more beer.

81' GIACCH!!!!  Hermie doesn't wanna make toys! And as I type that, I hear "awww...look how little he is!  It's like Matri would be in the porn shot...he'd be the fluffer."

83' Giaccherini:

hermie giacch

84' "Who's that?"

"Giaccherini.  I always said he reminds me of 'Hermie the Denist' from 'Rudolph.'"

"Aww, it is him!  I want him to be like playing a piccolo or something!"

86' Boner on for Vooch.  Time to park the bus.

88' Play on says the ref.  You damn right.

90' +4 until we're Winter Champions.

91' I really wish Matri got that tack-on goal from that chance from a few minutes ago.  It could really boost his confidence which is really suffering right now.

93' Dos mas.

FT - Campion d'Inverno!  That's all I got for tonight folks.  It was a good match, and despite the early missed chances, a solid victory away from home.  All's well that ends well, I guess.  Goodnight!