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P(s)OTD: Welcome to the New Palace



When we come here, to our home, we’ll know to look at ourselves and our looks will meet those of our players. Eyes with the will to win. Because winning has always been our custom, and it’s a great custom to have! Now try to close your eyes for a moment and then open them to look at the people around you… Don’t forget their faces. They are Juventus faces, meeting after 114 years and finally at their own home. We have our own home! We have our magnificent team! We have superb fans! And we’ll always be united, today and tomorrow, ready to chant together, until the end…

— Andrea Agnelli

It was an amazing event that left me speechless more than once. I sat in awe that this really is the place where Juve will be playing their games from here on out.

Well done, Juve. Well, well done.