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Game Time Thread: Siena vs. Juventus, 19 Sept. 2011


Will Conte have a minor stroke on the sideline? Will Pirlo smoke too much pot and get confused because, I mean, they pretty much wear the same kinda uniforms man? Will Amauri continue to do his best Turtle from Entourage impersonation, and bring worthlessness to unimaginably new heights?

Have at it, fellas!

***Halftime Update***

1.  We started out fine, but got a little sloppy.  There were a couple of mistakes by Barzagli that he made up for, but were very dangerous.  His passing is making Boner's look good.

2.  They have Del Grosso starting at LB, we have the real Grosso.  Wanna trade?

In all honesty, he hasn't been that bad at all today.  He is looking tanner than ever though.

3.  I'm completely sold on Pirlo.  I loved Aquilani, but at his peak, Alberto could be the next Pirlo.  Well, at 27, Aquaman has  hit his ceiling.  He's still a very solid, good player, but I'll take the real thing -- even at age 32.

4.  Where the F is Meelosh?!

5.  "There should be a rule that after the game, they all have to take their shirts off."  My wife is on fire today.