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Ciao a tutti!

Hello everyone! My name is Ivo (pronounced Evo) and I'm happy to say that I am John's first signing of the Juventus Offside writers summer mercato. Some of you may already know me from commenting to posts on this blog for the past couple years. I have cyber-met many of you on here already and am looking forward to dissecting every teeny bit of anything Juve-related with all of you on the Juventus Offside.

A little bit about me - I was born and raised in Macedonia (obligatory map link) and have been a Juventino my whole life. I don't specifically remember how it happened, though the fact that my dad is also a Juventino may have something to do with it. Ever since I can remember, I idolized Alessandro Del Piero and that's pretty much all one needs to know.

I am in my mid-20s and am currently living in the USA after completing college here and now working full-time. I am known to take aggressive/controversial stands on issues and judge players very harshly. Will definitely try to tone that down for this blog, although I've always felt that even extreme and rash judgment can sometimes be appreciated here :).

Rest assured that I am 100% on board to keep many of Aaron's policies here. The shit-list, player ratings, and guest posts will all remain an integral part of Juventus Offside.

That's all from me for now. It's a pleasure being a writer here and I'm excited to contribute to this awesome Juve community. Cheers!

Juventus Alessandro Del Piero Tongue