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Holy God: FIGC Lawyer Accuses Inter of Same Behavior as Juve in 2006

Absolutely massive news coming out of Italy today. A few days ago, the FIGC tentatively rejected Juve's request to revoke the 2006 Scudetto, it was seen as a blow to Juventus and confirmation of Inter's "legitimacy." Of course, we know Inter was never legitimate- members of their Board of Directors controlled the company running the wiretaps, Facchetti was as guilty (if not more) than Moggi in contacting the referee designators, and yet, Moratti claimed total innocence. Even in the wake of all the "lost tapes" that were never considered in the original Calciopoli trial that have come out since.

If you're a frequent reader of the Juventus Offside, you know I've maintained Calciopoli was 100% bullshit from the get go, even when it was a very uncommon opinion. The evidence keeps supporting us, and today, after the FIGC's tacit support of Inter in their last statement, FIGC Chief Lawyer Palazzi dropped a condemning bombshell:

"This office maintains that the conduct in question, is such to violate Article 1, Comma 1, as well the object protected by Article 6, Comma 1, which was directed to certainly secure an advantage in the table in favor of Internazionale F.C, by conditioning the regular functioning of the refereeing sector, and the principles of impartiality, independence, neutrality, and separateness, which is required of the refereeing sector.

On Massimo Moratti- "However informed Moratti was of the circumstances that Facchetti had contact with the referee designators, as evidenced of the new phone calls that have emerged, in which Bergamo himself acts almost as his interlocator, it proceeds that the conduct of Moratti, in terms of discussions with the designators and the frequency of this contact, appears to be in violation of Article 1 under multiple profiles."

Unfortunately I am very busy this afternoon so the translation is a bit rushed, but Article 6 violations (that he accuses Facchetti of) are clauses for direct relegation. I will be back to explain more, but hopefully the comments section can get the discussion started!