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Officially Official: Arrivederci, Aaron.

Well, just when I was starting to find my groove, this happens. Thanks, Aaron.

Seriously, best of luck to him, and if anyone hasn't already, make sure to check out the new site.  They've got a great team over there, and I'm sure it will be a huge success. 

Back here in Offsideland, things will continue to mosey on forward.  I've already begun making arrangements for the future.  In fact, I promise "3-4 top signings" for this site.  Get excited, tifosi.  Expect an announcement soon.

I know that right now times are slow.  A whole lot of nothing is going on in the mercato, the team has left for the United States, and I'm growing frustrated.  On top of all that, there are supposed to be wallpapers available for download from commemorating the American trip however, in typical Italian fashion, it doesn't work.  Perhaps later the link will be fixed.  Insofar as the mercato is concerned, I realize that there is plenty of time left and I'm normally far more patient, but I'm bored.  And we're in the middle of a heatwave.  And I'm cranky because Aaron left and there's still that WTF am I going to do feeling lingering over me. 

I understand that this is redundant, but I decided to put up my own Aaron post for two reasons:  1) I've begun to enjoy declaring things "officially official" myself, and 2) this was supposed to be part of one larger one including a VOTD (different than Bocelli).  Stay tuned, there will be another post later on.  For now, enjoy the satiny voice of Andrea Bocelli serenading Aaron goodbye, and enjoy a brand new, clean, open thread for your comments!