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Recapping the Season

It's your voice, people. The Juventus Offside is proud to participate in the democratic tradition, which consists of voting for your opinions, which ultimately is completely irrelevant. In such a spirit, we've drawn up a few awards that we will be discussing on the podcast, but I'd like to open it up to you, the people, to express your opinions. If you feel like answering some but not others, have at it. If you're a trooper and slog through the whole thing, you are a champion. Awards after the jump!


The Goal of the Quagliarella-
Pallone d’oro Bianconero of the year -
Bidone d’oro Bianconero of the year-
The Alessio Secco Outstanding Contribution To Ineptitude & Idiocy award –
Most Improved Player Award -
Young player of the Year –
Facepalm Moment of the Year-

2010-2011: Year of transition, or another wasted year?
Did we miss the CL because of Delneri or Marotta? (Were the players not good enough, or Delneri didn't get the best out of them)

We'll be recording an end-of-season podcast this weekend with a whole host of Juventini where we offer our opinions on this. Other suggestions for the podcast are very welcome, just post down in the comments!