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Week 36: No Surrender

We made a promise, we said we'd always retreat, baby, no...surrender...

Saturday, May 7, 2011:  Roma 0-0 AC Milan. 

No score, no help.  No balls from Milan, that's fine, all they needed was one point.  Scudetto n. 18 for A.C. Milan.  Great, I'm happy for you Berlusconi.  Seriously. 

Still no favors are being done as right now it's Udinese 2-1 Lazio. 

Well, if the results hold, we'll be looking at the following table:

4.  Udinese 62

5.  Roma 60

6.  Lazio 60

7.  Juve 56

If we win on Monday...and yes, we must...then we're within three points of fourth, with two games remaining. 

Being that last year by around week 30 or earlier the season was pretty much over, and I'll take this drama headed into round 37.  I'm not sure if my cardiologist agrees. 

Dottore Cuore:  "Well, John, I've got some bad news":

Is Marchisio available?  Seriously, is he?  He had a bruised uterus foot last week, and was unavailable, but I've not heard or read anything since.  I'm not a big fan of him playing on the left side where a natural winger would be.  But based on the personnel available, can anyone think of anything better?  Doesn't it behoove us to find a way to keep Marchisio, Melo, and Aquilani -- arguably one of the best midfield trios in Serie A -- on the field at the same time? 

Two words:  Sergio Pellissier.  I hate this guy.  Last season, during the springtime matchup against Chievo, we had real opportunity to right the ship, get our heads straight.  He ruined that. 

This season before the winter break, I'll never forget it happening again.  Quagliarella (RIP) scored one for the highlight reel early on, and I waited.  It was a 9:00 a.m. Eastern time game, and I watched anxiously as the rest of the game played on.  I was also waiting for my friend to pick me up, as we had tickets to the Giants/Eagles game.  He arrived shortly before extra time.

It's less than a 10 minute drive from my place to Giants Stadium, and when we were almost there my Blackberry began buzzing.  It was my wife.

"They tied it." 


And by "they," guess who exactly.

More lunedi calcio?  Seriously, why the F do we keep playing on Monday?  I thought that when the table was tight late into the season, they usually did the opposite and scheduled the games at the same time.  Besides -- don't they know that some of us live in the States and have jobs?  I'm not DVRing it again this week and avoiding all communication until I get home around 4 hours after game time to watch a result that already happened. 

"But Dottore, I've got Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the angioplasty will be almost entirely covered..." (the good news):

Is Marchisio back?  Seriously, I haven't read anything about him all week.

Three points back is way better than five.  Big win last week. 

I know, it was a shitty game.  We played poorly, we played sloppy, we played not to lose instead of to win, blah, blah, effing blah.  I know, we didn't "deserve" to win.  Catania didn't friggin deserve to tie us 2-2 at the last minute two weeks ago. This shit happens, it's a double-edged sword, and it cuts both ways.  I'll take the points any way I can get them, three at a time, please. 

Now that it's officially official and Udinese disposed of Lazio, a win puts us within one game of the Champions League C-word, and one point off the MIT of European Soccer, I mean the Europa League, I mean the E-word.  European competition is a must not just for the revenue but also for the prestige and ability to attract players during the transfer window. 

I've not the slightest idea of what else the lineup could possibly be (unless Marchisio is out again) lineup, 4-4-2:  Buffon; Grosso, Barzagli, Chiellini, Motta; Marchisio, Melo, Aquilani, Krasic; Del Piero, Matri. 

And to all you nice Italian boys out there, make sure to wish your sweet, doting, Italian mothers una buona festa di madre!  Make sure you buy her something nice or cook her something nice.  Unless you're me, if you are, have your wife do it for you while you blog.