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Podcast- "Bury Him At Sea, No Witnesses"

Last week sadly we were unable to record the show due to some technical difficulties (no really, not just the four of us being unable to tell the time, honest.) Determined to not suffer the same fate this week we recorded late on Monday night (which became Tuesday morning for two of the team) and here's the result.

These damn Juve fans are just everywhere...

A win over Lazio is always enjoyable, so the guys had fun here. Aaron was unable to join us so with Simone Pepe (Lars) now on board permenantly we knocked the dust - and a few drunk Brazilians - off and dragged Mike "TeamGREASE" D.G. out of the bar.

The result is as you'd expect. Turn on, tune in, listen up (headphones advised this week)

Enjoy the show

Aaron, Marco, Lars, Mike and Adam.

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