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Podcast- The Game That Wasn't A Game

Recorded just after the non-event that was Juventus-Napoli, the boys were a disillusioned bunch, unused to seeing a match where not a single person cared for the result. The crew (a man short due to Aaron's study commitments) attempt to review the 'action' but eventually give up, moving to more interesting topics such as Luca Toni's tenure in Turin, Andrea Pirlo's imminent arrival (and how this ties in to Aquilani's future as well as Juve's 4-2-4 formation next season) and of course, the return of Il Capitano Antonio Conte on the manger's bench.

There will be a full season-review episode to follow next week, and plans to record a number of specials over the Summer break are afoot. Thank you as always for listening.

Aaron, Marco, Lars and Adam

You can also download from iTunes here