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Podcast: No Buffon, Chiellini Or Del Piero? No Problem!

The link we refer to...hearts and kisses, hearts and kisses

Visiting Roma without the three most senior players had Bianconeri nerves jangling on Sunday evening and it was no different in the pod, where Aaron, Marco and Adam had to cope with the loss of our favourite Dane (sorry Frederik, but you've got time yet!) Lars had gone to watch cycling in Belgium - as excuses go it's as thin as Gigi's flu! - but we struggled on, buoyed by a superb win over the Giallorossi thanks to superb goals from Krasic and Matri. Both men were discussed, as were the two stand-out performers at the Olimpico, Storari and Grosso.

Hope you enjoy the show, please leave a comment when you've heard it!

Thanks as always,

Aaron, Marco, Lars and Adam