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The End of An Era, by Enry


You come home late...
Still go on VecchiaSignora to read 2 brand new pieces of news
You go through the thread titles
And you read..."Martina officially announces that Buffon will leave Juve at the end of the season"
Nothing new
You hear it every year
You don't take it seriously

But then you realize

Buffon is leaving Juve
A Juve that is not in the Champion's League
A Juve that makes you angry
A Juve that doesn't give you any motivations

You remember his book
Buffon lives off of motivations and goals
And then you realize
You realize that maybe it really is over

The #1
The best goalkeeper you have ever seen is leaving

You quickly make the connection
It doesn't take long
And other connections become clear

May 31st 2009
Pavel Nedved is done with football
They make him end it with football
That's the right phrase
Because the truth is that he still had it in him

2 other focal points are let go in August 2010
He had no gas left in the tank, no more motivations, no hunger
He had become unbearable at times.
His genius is put against the little desire left to give it his all

Re David.
171 gol.
What else to say
(Some here complained
"He's become a burden"
Maybe it's true
Or maybe he was the same person
With a few more years
But the crosses that would go his way were less
And how can a player who lived on crosses score without any?

Oh well, let's sell him, he's old
We need youth
In January, Luca Toni arrives
You have nothing against Luca Toni
But something doesn't really make sense
Someone from 1977 is sold in order to get another from 1977

Then your mind returns to Buffon
You repeat to yourself.
This time he's leaving for good
He's the second to last piece
He's the second to last piece of that Juve that would bring you joy
He's the second to last piece of that fearsome Juve
He's the second to last piece of what could be called Juve


And then you realize
The real dismembering of Juve wasn't in 2006
But it happened slowly
Starting from 2006
Someone took the motivation away from the remaining elements
They have taken desire, spirit, hunger, victories from them

And you once again realize...
You realize that an important era of Juve is ending now
A fantastic era for Juve
A glorious era for Juve

Now there's only one sure component of that Juve
His name is Alessandro Del Piero
37 years old
How much longer will he play?
1-2 years at the most.
And then?

You don't see continuity
You don't see champion players
You don't see anything
You continue to see an endless tunnel
And we've been in it since 2006

And someone's making us lose our pieces
One by one, the best leave
Some good players are left
Nothing more
No champions
Absolutely nothing

Then you think about Del Piero again
Can he continue to lead the front at 37 years old?
You repeat the name
Alessandro Del Piero.
Then you read all of the names on Juve's roster
You look back at that #10
Alessandro Del Piero.
And you fervently hope that the last piece of that glorious Juve will continue to lead the front

Un saluto,