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Alberto Aquilani- Looking to the Future

Alberto Aquilani did a pretty long interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport touching on a variety of topics. I've translated portions of it and posted below, enjoy.

imgMichela Quattrociocche1

AURORA'S BIRTH An emotion that you can't compare to anything else.

"I WANT TO BE A PROTAGONIST OF THE NEW JUVENTUS CYCLE- IT'S A WINNING PROJECT." - "At Juve I have discovered myself, I again have continuity, serenity, even the Nazionale. And now I want to be a great protagonist of the new winning cycle that is starting. Am I sure about it? Yes, absolutely. I know it's difficult to explain some of the results, but Juve's project is a winning one, I can see the insides of it and I have no doubts. The base is solid, and we aren't that far from the best. We need a bit of time to build something important, Inter is an example. Now is the time to go forward on the right path, without frenzy, without listening to the critics, above all those that are only destructive."

"WE'LL QUICKLY RETURN TO THE TOP. THE MANAGEMENT ISN'T BAD AS SOME THINK." - "The fans are accustomed to greatness, it's true, however they have been fantastic with us. We still need a bit of patience, very soon we'll be back where Juve needs to be. And at the end, Italian calcio will say thanks to our club. Why? There's a great desire here to rely on young Italian players. No one gives so many players to the Nazionale like us. A Nazionale that's starting to enjoy itself, I think. Evidently the work our management has done last summer wasn't so bad. I repeat, the base is very solid, and we're starting to open a winning cycle, and I want to be a real protagonist of it."


"PIRLO? HE'D BE FANTASTIC." - "What do I think of Pirlo? It'd be fantastic to have him here. He's a top player, one of the highest level internationally. To play beside him would help me to grow even more."

"MY REDEMPTION? IT'S ALL UP TO JUVE." - "Where is my signing at right now? I don't know, honestly. My situation is simple. It depends all on Juve- if they want, they can sign me without asking anyone's opinion."

"I WANT TO STAY FOR A LONG TIME, AND WIN A LOT." - "What do I want to do? Stay in Torino, for a long time. To win many titles, so many."

"MY PERSONAL SEASON HAS BEEN POSITIVE." - "My season? Positive, above all physically. I've played with a lot continuity, without any particular problems, even in a year when in Italy there have been many rather serious injuries. Yes, finally, I've been able to throw off the image of a player who's always broken. I knew I was healthy, that I was only unlucky in the past, but in calcio everyone wants to label everyone, and I can assure you for me, it was far from funny. Now I can say I was right to have bet on Juve, it wasn't so simple to put myself back into play, accepting a loan solution."

Michela Quattrociocche(Aquilani

"OUR DREAM'S VANISHED WITH QUAGLIARELLA'S INJURY." - "Where did the Bianconero "dream" vanish? Maybe against Parma. We lost this game after a long series of positive results, and above all, we lost Quagliarella, a fundamental player for us. Fabio was in great form, he was always scoring and he allowed for a great balance up front. From that moment, in fact, we went into a psychological crisis. A real nightmare of a January, full of incredible setbacks."

"I HOPE DELNERI STAYS, HE IS A GREAT COACH AND HAS TAUGHT ME A LOT." - "Who would I prefer between Mancini, Spalletti, and Villas Boas? I don't even know if I'm staying...what do I think of Delneri? Thanks to him, we were able to weather even the most difficult parts of the storm. He always knew how to keep the locker room united, giving us the right serenity. For me, he has taught me much, making me a more complete player, particularly in defensive aspects. I've scored less than normal, but my tactical work has been a bit different with respect to the past. Does Delneri deserve another chance? Yes, he's a great coach, he's just missed a bit of luck. Do my teammates think the same way as me? Yes."

"THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE? WE'RE NOT THINKING ABOUT IT." - "Do we believe in the Champion's League miracle? We're thinking about winning the last 5 matches, to give a bit of continuity to the positive results we've had, then we'll look at where we finished. It doesn't make sense to make any kind of charts right now. Certainly, we don't want to think of Juve out of the Europa League. If we're playing for that with my Roma? I hoped to play in something a bit more important with my ex-teammates, but it's gone for them like it has for us..."


"DE ROSSI TO JUVE? FANTACALCIO." - "If Juve will sign De Rossi? (laughs) I think unfortunately that today that's fantacalcio."

NAZIONALE- "Italy isn't too much farther behind the other big teams. We have a lot quality, and a great coach. The difference right now is only experience. In other countries, our age cohorts already have 50-60 games for the Nazionale. We need to change, to give space to young Italians. For this, I say that Italy will soon thank Juve. Here, we've opened a road to imitate."

"MATRI- WHAT A PLAYER!" - "Matri? I didn't know him very well, I did not think he'd be this strong."

"HERE'S WHY THE FANS NEED TO BE OPTIMISTIC." - "Why should the fans be optimistic? Because this project is serious, it's of quality. And the next mercato will further complete it. We've seen great potential in flashes- before the terrible month of January, we were up there playing with the best. I also think of important victories like that against Roma. I think of the 3 points we took in Rome and have a bit of bitterness as I think about what could have been..."