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Podcast- Can Van Gaal Get Sacked Every Week?

VG: "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the balls again..."

Reunited at last, Aaron is joined by Marco, Lars and Adam as the whole crew returns for the first time in a few weeks (any link between this & consecutive wins purely coincidental).

The first topic for discussion is this week's win over Genoa and the hero that provided it. Aaron postulates Luca Toni's enthusiasm stems from the dismissal of a certain Dutch manager up in Bavaria. From there a random collection of topics come under review (the improvement in mentality, the change of system at half-time, and whether Lega Calcio would let Juve start games 0-1 in lieu of playing Marco Motta) as the guys purposely put off discussing next week's visit to Florence. However it wasn't avoidable forever and despite Marco resorting to desperate measures, the Viola match is eventually previewed.

Enjoy the show & thanks for listening.

Aaron, Lars, Marco & Adam