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In Il Principino We Trust

This Saturday, Matri and Juventus make their way to the Island of Sardegna in what will definitely be an electric atmosphere surrounding Alessandro’s return. Sooner or later Matri will get his first goal in the Bianconeri uniform and if it comes against his former team there’s no doubt the lad won’t celebrate. However noting another’s recent performances, Claudio Marchisio’s confidence is sky-high as he stands in great position to make the "difference" that so many pundits are questioning whether or not we have.

Claudio Marchisio is one of the hottest young players in Serie A right now, and I’m not talking about his dreamy light-blue eyes over here either. With two splendid goals in as many games, our hometown boy is developing into quite the go-to guy in attack as his quickness and ability to finish with either foot is always something to behold inside the eighteen-yard box. Lippi wasn’t kidding around then when he lined him up as a trequartista in South Africa was he?

Now certainly we all know how Lippi’s experiment last year turned out, but there was some method to his madness. After all Marcello can still walk around Italy wearing nothing but a speedo and his gold medal around his neck, resting ever so gently atop his salt and pepper chest hair, not to be questioned as he performs baptisms near the various creeks and brooks around town. Yes Lippi was keen of Marchisio’s offensive talents, and rightfully so.

Used in a three-man midfield when Krasic joins the attack, Del Neri would do well to modify Marchisio’s mezz’ala role slightly so to encourage the young man to join the attack, especially now that Krasic deserves some much needed rest. Unfortunately, if only our left-back was a tad more defensively adept, we would’ve been used to seeing Il Principino on the score sheet more often- enter Giorgio Chiellini.

With Bonucci coming back from suspension and Barzagli enjoying a very commendable debut with Juventus against Palermo, Del Neri could in fact heed Giorgio’s request to play at left-back, if for nothing else but to allow Marchisio the reassurance to get forward much more often. That said, we can never really underestimate Giorgio’s importance in the middle of our defense, despite playing while being under the influence against Palermo. So, we’ll see how this one plays out; fingers crossed Toni doesn’t get hurt.

Here are the call-ups: 1 Buffon 2 Motta 3 Chiellini 4 Felipe Melo 5 Sissoko 6 Grosso 7 Salihamidzic 8 Marchisio 10 Del Piero 13 Manninger 14 Aquilani 15 Barzagli 19 Bonucci 20 Toni 21 Grygera 25 Martinez 27 Krasic 30 Storari 32 Matri 43 Sorensen