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Podcast: The Same But Different

Hey Gigi, I need to be moved over to the center!

Another week another defeat. Much like last week the team slumped against lesser opposition but, as Aaron discusses with Marco and Adam it was different to last weeks loss to Lecce. Where that no-show was entirely the players responsibility this 0-2 loss to Bologna was at least partially Gigi Delneri's fault for - irony of ironies - not sticking with a 4-4-2 that worked.

From there the guys discuss the seemingly lost cause that is fourth spot, not just for Juve but also for Serie A after this season, going into a few details of UEFA's useless ranking system. Other topics of debate include the merits of using of some youth players next season, Michel Bastos and whether Chiellini should move back to the centre.

It's early for you this week, hope you enjoy the show. Thank you for listening,
Aaron, Marco and Adam.

and don't worry bird watchers, Lars could not join us today but he should be back next week!