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Eleven 5ft Ducks at Via del (Night)Mare

Quack Quack

Quack Quack...

Well-known for his sympathies with his family's hometown (Bari), it gave Aaron no pleasure to make his long-awaited return to the podcast right after a loss to Lecce. In spite of the result we were in good (gallows?) humour during this post-game recording as we discussed the non-existent defence, porous midfield and blunt attack of this lunch-time no-show of a game.

Despite the many flaws, for which the players all needed and seemingly received a rough ride in training this week, we move on past the loss and try to focus on the positive work being done at the club. Our plea to Delneri: more anti-Inter, less anti-Lecce. We also give a mention to ex-Juventino manager Claudio Ranieri, who seemingly can't catch a break at Roma or ever topping his 2nd-best rep.

Thank you for Joining our four-man team (no stragglers playing anyone onside here either) of Aaron, Marco, Lars and Adam.

We hope you enjoy the show.