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The Aftermath

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That was quite possibly one of the saddest performances witnessed in recent memory and once again, reality rears its head in our hearts and minds. Certainly this loss underlines the inexperience of most of the players’ approaches to opponents like Lecce, and hopefully this will serve as a necessary evil towards building a stronger side for years to come. However that’s about as far as most will go in terms of looking on the brighter side after something like this.

Del Neri’s post match comments:

“We have to reflect upon this defeat. We went wrong in approaching the match. I saw a squad quite conceited, different from that of the two last games. Lecce played intensely, showing a great energy, instead we played ugly football, and we deserved to lose this fixture.We haven’t the mentality to face these matches with the right tension. On the pitch, we suffered from all the negative situations that a team can experience. Now, we’ll try not to make more mistakes, but I’m upset because we were on the right track and this is a step backwards. Losing can happen, but not in this way: we need to play like we did against Palermo, where apart from the defeat, we fought. Instead, this way of play doesn’t give us the chance to say “We also competed”. Perhaps, this has been the worst game of the season, even if I have to underline the merits of Lecce, who have modesty, desire and courage. I hope this match will teach us a lesson.”

Marchisio’s post match comments:

“The group is always united, but we are not compact when we go out on the pitch against the little teams. We don't have the mentality of a great team. We must improve. The team is angry, very angry. Del Neri is very angry, but we know among ourselves that we played very badly. Right now I am really not thinking about fourth place. The only thing that we can do is remember the horrible feelings that we feel now. We aren't afraid. We don't lack desire. We must be more ruthless.”

Luciano Moggi’s post match comments:

“I had predicted back in 2006 how Italian football would turn out and I said 'Italian football will remain in the hands of the Milanese sides, who will share wins. Now the two Milan sides are also sharing favours from referees and this is shown from the last round of games in which both sides won their games with irregular goals. If my Juventus had won like that there would have been a scandal, but now the media in Italy are quiet about it. The 2006 judgements just showed the feeling from a public point of view, but what happened was total injustice not worthy of a country like Italy. I will fight until the end until justice is restored to me, and to all those whose life was ruined by the 2006 scandal.”