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Podcast: Derby d'Italia - Ma TA TA TA TA TA TA TRIII

Machine gun at work...

Recorded less than thirty minutes after Leonardo Bonucci's shorts were launched into the Curva Scirea, Marco is joined by Lars & Adam to discuss the sweetest of victories. The boys, much like Delneri's men, get into the game in a very business-like manner. They put emotion aside to delve beyond THAT Samuel Eto'o miss, and look for reasons why the Bianconeri were able to take much more than three points from their most bitter of rivals Sunday.

Enjoying the fact that Marotta signings Bonucci, Barzagli, Toni and Matri were at the heart of this performance, the conversation continues to discuss why Matri is better than Pazzini for this Juventus, why Sorensen did so well, why Bonucci yelled at Iaquinta and how effective Chiellini was at left-back.

A David Trezeguet goal gets a standing ovation from Marco as he also reveals how much of a banging his mattress received post-game.

Thank you for listening.

Aaron, Marco, Adam and Lars