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POTD: Welcome Back, Quags


Wanna try and guess the last time Fabio Quagliarella netted a goal in Serie A?

Go ahead, take a shot.

If you said exactly a year minus one day, you are correct, sir.

Before his goal against Novara today, Quags' last Serie A goal came on Dec. 18, 2010, against Lecce — a sexy overhead kick at that. That's 364 days between finding the back of the net, folks.

364 days have gone by since my last goal, but that was also the last time I started a championship game. When I knew that the manager had included me in his starting line-up, I was only focused on my performance and I think I showed to be in good shape. My goal was the icing on the cake and I dedicate it to Storari and Toni who predicted it before the match. I’ve gone through difficult months, but I’ve always felt trust from our manager and the club. It was just up to me to show my value with facts, the rest was just talk.

Hopefully this is the start of something we saw from the man with the wonderful tan last season.