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Juventus v Fiorentina: A Midweek Derby That Frustrates Me Already

There is no possible way to have a decent 8-5 job in the USA and catch these midweek games. None at all. Even if you take an hour lunch just to hide in a corner with your phone or laptop trying to pop your eyes out watching a shitty stream, it's still only an hour, at most.

That said, this is a pretty fucking important game for Juve. After a disappointing and infuriating draw against Genoa and another 2 dropped points, this game will not only show how this team bounces back, but it may also determine how our next 4-5 matches go. If we win and gain that confidence and momentum back, we should be good to go against merda on Saturday. If we lose, well...

The aforementioned frustrating Genoa draw will not get its own dedicated review, tho you can bet your ass the Fiorentina game will, one way or another. And in it, I better not talk about Chiellini scoring 3 own goals or Jovetic breaking the most goals scored in a game record.

Sky reports that Chiellini is still our left back of choice (cocks gun, points to own head), while our 4-3-3/4-5-1 has taken a twist with Vucinic on the left, Pepe on the right, and MA-TA-TA-TRI up front (whew, takes finger off trigger, for now). Vidal is also back in the center midfield trident, I bet it will be good to have the terrier back.

As for the Viola, while there's no Gilardino up top, the trio of Vargas, Jovetic, and the in-form Cerci sounds somewhat terrifying. Could potentially be the first real, quality, consistent threat our defense has gotten this year. We'll see how they respond.

Remember though, this if Fiorentina we're playing. They will simply always be suckers. Wanna know how I know that? Cuz they listen to coldplay. Cuz some years ago, this happened:

FORZA JUVE! I thank all of you in advance that will keep us posted on how the match is going in the comments below!