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Podcast: Poulsen's M** And A Drunk Brazilian Hit The Mattresses

Juventus linens... a MUST!

That looks like a nice mattress

About a month ago we hit upon the idea of holding a "Best of 2010" awards podcast, invite some guests along to talk over their choices. This project came to fruition shortly after New Year's. Aaron, Marco, and Adam were joined by "Simone Pepe-esque" supersub Lars, as well as Danny Penza (djp4cal) and Michael DG (TeamGREASE) for what started out as a professional round-robin discussion (in theory) and quickly degenerated into something else entirely.

Indeed, that thin veneer of class disappeared within... seconds, and this episode should probably carry a "Parental Advisory Explicit Content" warning label. It soon became obvious none of us were in the mood to let a podcast recording stop the New Year's festive cheer.

What you're about to hear, valid points / intelligent, thought-provoking ideas lost in a trail of bad jokes, lewd comments, all served with a huge side order or Zaccheroni hate and Secco / Zebina loathing, will make you laugh (out loud, so you look dumb at the office or on the train). It will make you depressed (remember it covers last Spring and all that it brought us). It will make you wonder about the mental state of one or two of us (or at least Marco...). But above all, it will make you proud to be a Juventino. For at the end of even the darkest of tunnels, there is light.

Or a mattress.

Please remember the podcast is available to download on iTunes free of charge.

Hope you enjoy the show,

Aaron, Marco, Adam