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The Search Continues...

The only thing stopping Juventus fans from going into cardiac arrest is the belief that this club will eventually return to its historic heights of success domestically in three to five years; estimates vary depending on your level of faith in the upper brass. There, in the long-term, our minds can rest somewhat at ease.


“It will take time; you cannot have everything at once. There needs to be a plan in place, and Juventus are doing that for the long term. In Italy we have to improve on these things, leaving the coach with time and allowing the youth to come through. I think there needs to be no rush. It will take at least two or three years before we see the fruits of their labour. Juventus need patience and time.” Ravanelli

Certainly this year’s expectations of a fourth place finish are beginning to fade by now. The gap in quality with Napoli and Roma (and perhaps Palermo too) are regrettably, still quite significant and impossible to fill this season.

“Juve were used to having players like Zidane and Nedved. To be frank, we can't win the Scudetto with this team. Inter, Milan and Roma have stronger squads. There are many injured players. But this is Juve and you have to work hard. We will need to roll up our sleeves and go forward like this. Our objective is fourth place. We have been discussed a lot recently. This is a great club that has won everything, but the reality is that you can also struggle against Bari. We cannot be a Scudetto team one week and fail in the Europa League just before.” Aquilani

Truthfully, we don’t deserve a Champions League entry for next year. Even if by some wonder we got one, we’d be eliminated before we knew it given our current state of footballing affairs. Which International star would want to join a club just on account of some brief appearance anyways? Our level of football at home needs to improve first, only then can you rebuild our reputation, and only then will we enjoy the fruits of our labour. Here’s hoping Marotta and Paratici know what they’re doing.

In other news, the offers to write for the Juventus Offside have been rolling in and the support has been nuts! As a result I’ve decided to bring on two people instead of just one. For those of you who’ve sent in your requests I don’t want you to think you haven’t gotten a reply by accident. I’m in discussions with the head of admin for The Offside so once he gives me the go ahead, everyone of you will hear back from me. Also if some of you have commented before under a nickname I’d appreciate it if you could include it in your emails.

We’re going to do this thing like the winter transfer season which ends January 31st. After 12:01 am EST (or somewhere around then) emails will be sent out and the new Juventus Offside line-up will be made official with a post on the 1st of February. has been reporting that a deal has been struck with Jorid, however we can’t confirm or deny that rumour at this time.