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Juventus v. Catania: Hope and Despair


The new year couldn't have started more horribly for us - losing to a team of ex-juventini, our top scorer getting injured for the season, a man-child returning to childishness, and a long targeted hitman going to the rich man's arms - all topped off by a ghastly performance against the high flying Napoli team. The recent run coupled with the injury to Quagliagoal has underlined the need for critical reinforcements to the squad which so gloriously overachieved in the first part of the season.

However, with the expulsion from Europe the purse strings have got even more tighter, thus making the job of finding quality additions to the squad doubly difficult in the winter mercato. There have been questionable decisions on the part of the management certainly, and perhaps some games could have been saved with alternative tactics - but such discussions are more suitable for the end of the season. Juventus means having to win even when all the chips are down - thats why this black and white shirt is so heavy.

Lippi once said that "In football the best doesn't win, only the strongest." Let us be strong tonight. Ragazzi - we want that Silver Star. Tonight, Juventus is welcoming back one of her greatest heroes, the one and only "Best in Class" player we have, our Bandeira, St Gigi Buffon. Let it be the first in a series of good news for 2011.

Artwork and article by the magical Papai.