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Mauro Camoranesi: Hardly A Final Farewell

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"When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together."

Elegance is, and will always remain, the term used by many to describe his playing style for close to a decade with Juventus. Now while that’s an absolute truth, over the last few seasons, something about his form began to seem slightly off. With all due respect, my Mauro began to stray a little too far away from that 'edge' or 'fine line' of genius vs. mad man, and appeared too easily frustrated at times, especially when matched against hard-running assignments. It was almost as if Camoranesi’s grinta was turning into something a little darker.

Now whether it was the work of constant injuries that’s been nagging him for a couple of years that’s hindered his normal capacity, thus affecting his psyche, or maybe it was certain less than desirable relationships surrounding his private or professional life, it’s clear a change of scenery at this stage wouldn’t hurt his game. If Molinaro can go to Germany and get called-up, just imagine what Camoranesi could do. Life certainly wasn’t bad for Mauro in Turin, perhaps it was just stagnant.

Truth be told, the reason why I fell so hard for Mauro in the first place was the fact that he had a little bit of a bad boy image. Combine that with an insane amount of touch, vision, and creativity, you have the reason why even John Terry wouldn’t leave his girl alone with Mauro. However, as I grow up and certain things begin to take on different meanings, I look at Camoranesi’s case, and I’d rather see him leave for another club if it means he’ll have a better opportunity to regain his top form and be happy. So German, have fun in Stuttgart. We thank you for what you’ve given our club over the many years, and we wish you the best of luck for the future. We’ll be watching.